Death Penalty

The death penalty is cruel, inhuman, degrading and a violation of human rights.

One third of all countries still use capital punishment, even though it has never been shown to deter to crime. In America, 2,943 people were facing execution in January 2016. In China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Iran, thousands are executed every year, with widespread torture, unfair trials and brutal killing practices.

Reprieve US is working on the front line to end the death penalty. We are now working with 70 people facing execution in 11 countries, including Pakistan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia and the USA.  Our caseworkers build relationships with local lawyers, investigate cases, draft legal documents, and provide training on capital defense issues and best practice. We have prevented executions in all but six of our cases: a 98 percent success rate.

Our Stop Lethal Injection Project (SLIP) advises companies who object to their medicines being misused in executions. This has resulted in a dramatic fall in the rate of executions across the USA. Our Stop Aid for Executions (SAFE) project seeks to stop governments from providing financial counter-narcotics assistance to countries which hand down the death penalty for drug-related offenses.

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Current death row cases:

Mohamed Ramadhan
Abdullah Hasan al-Zaher
Dawoud al-Marhoon
Ali al-Nimr
Imdad Ali
Anthony Farina
Andy Tsege
Kris Maharaj



Closed death row cases:

William Morva
Ryan Matthews
Aftab Bahadur
Ivan Teleguz
Shafqat Hussain


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