Drones and Assassinations

Donald Trump’s secret killer drone program is the death penalty without trial.

Disposing of due process and the right to a fair trial, the secret drones program has already killed over 5,000 people, in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. The US Government’s ‘Kill List’ is regularly signed off by the President, making Donald Trump judge, jury, and executioner, free to carry out executions without trial, and in violation of international law.

Victims are not given a chance to defend themselves, and the program’s error rate is alarmingly high. Despite claims that those targeted are the ‘worst of the worst’, it is all too common for entirely innocent civilians to be killed in reckless drone strikes. Under the Trump Administration, these drone strikes have been accompanied by illegal ground raids, which have also led to high civilian death tolls.

Reprieve is working to expose the truth about these strikes – that they kill and maim huge numbers of civilians, that they constitute a fundamental violation of the rule of law, that they frequently fail to reach their intended targets, and that they risk radicalising affected communities, swelling numbers of those who pose a threat to the United States. Read more about our work below:


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Exposing the real-life impact of drones
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Mohammed Ali
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The drone program has already killed 4,000 people, in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. Most remain nameless, even to the Congressional Committees which oversee the policy. We work to bring the stories of victims of drone strikes to the general public. Below you can read first-hand accounts, from those affected by the President Trump’s secret drone war:

Drone death numbers: has my family been counted?
How it feels to be hunted by drones


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