US suspends Egypt aid over human rights fears – comment

August 23, 2017: Maya Foa comments on the news that the US State Department has suspended some assistance to Egypt over human rights concerns

Irish student enters 5th year of Egyptian detention

August 17, 2017: A student from Dublin has entered his fifth year of detention in Egypt. Ibrahim Halawa, who was a juvenile when he was arrested, faces the death penalty.

Halt execution plans, rights groups urge Maldives President

August 10, 2017: Leading Maldivian and international human rights organizations are calling on the President of the Maldives to halt plans to break a 60 year moratorium on executions.

Jailed Brit, 78, could go free if US released key evidence

August 8, 2017: The US Government is refusing to disclose evidence that could help free an elderly British man who was sentenced to death in Florida three decades ago.

Saudi government defends imminent protest-related executions

August 4, 2017: Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Justice has released a rare response to criticism over the imminent execution of 14 Saudi nationals on protest-related charges – including juveniles and a man with disabilities. The statement, released today, makes a number of apparently false claims about the trial of the 14.

Maldives executions to start ‘within days’

August 1, 2017: The Maldives is preparing to execute prisoners within days, according to fresh reports – breaking a moratorium that has lasted 60 years.

Family of Saudi disabled death-row protester appeal for help

July 31, 2017: The family of a disabled man who faces execution in Saudi Arabia for allegedly attending protests have appealed for help to save his life – and given fresh details of the abuses he has suffered.

Maldives Could Resume Executions within Hours after 60-year Moratorium

Maldives Could Resume Executions within Hours after 60-year Moratorium

July 19, 2017: The Maldivian government could resume executions within hours after a moratorium that has lasted 60 years, Reprieve understands.

14 Saudis Facing Imminent Execution for Protest Offences

July 14, 2017: There are urgent concerns that 14 Saudi Arabian men accused of protest-related offences are facing imminent execution. The group, including disabled Munir al-Adam and juvenile Mujtaba’a al-Sweikat, have been moved to the Saudi capital Riyadh in the last few hours according to reports received by Reprieve.

Saudi Arabia Executes Prisoner Convicted Of Protest

July 11, 2017: The Saudi authorities have executed four men who were convicted in a secret ‘terrorism’ court – including at least one  man who was convicted on charges relating to protests. It marks the first execution coming from the terrorism court since a mass execution in January 2016, in which several protesters convicted at the court were killed.

US judge says “democracy is broken” as court declines to oversee drone killing

An experienced judge has today described American democracy as "broken" and Congressional oversight as a "joke" in their failure to check the US drone killing program. 

A vote on the use of military force is a chance to bring back accountability

June 29, 2017: The House Appropriations Committee has approved an amendment to the Defense Appropriations Bill that would force Congress to vote again on the Authorisation for Use of Military Force (AUMF) – a bill first passed in 2001 that gives wide-ranging powers to the President to carry out military operations abroad without proper oversight from lawmakers.

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