Saudi Arabia upholds death sentence for deaf, tortured protester

May 25, 2017: Saudi Arabia has upheld a protest-related death sentence for a protester who was tortured so badly that he was rendered completely deaf in one ear. The judgment marks the first such move for several months, and comes days after President Trump visited the Kingdom.

Five civilians killed in Monday’s Yemen raid

Press release: May 23, 2017 Reprieve has learned that five civilians were killed in the raid by US Navy SEALs...

Trump must condemn Saudi juvenile executions – Reprieve

May 18, 2017: Human rights organization Reprieve has urged President Trump to call for the release of three Saudi juveniles who face execution on terrorism charges, after they allegedly attended protests.

Trump in Saudi Arabia as juveniles face execution

May 15, 2017: President Trump is preparing to visit Riyadh, as concerns grow for three Saudi juveniles who face imminent execution for attending protests.

Trump’s first 100 days marked by secret strikes and civilian deaths

April 28, 2017: Kate Higham, Assassinations Project Lead, comments on President Trump’s first 100 days in office

Arkansas executions blocked again by healthcare company suit

19 April 2017: America’s largest drug wholesaler has once again succeeded in blocking the use of dishonestly-obtained medicines in Arkansas’s planned “mass execution”.

US healthcare giant files new suit to prevent Arkansas executions

April 18, 2017: America’s largest drug wholesaler has re-filed suit against the state of Arkansas to stop the use of dishonestly-obtained medicines in four lethal injection executions between April 20th and 27th.

US healthcare giant sues to stop mass execution in US legal first

April 14, 2017: UPDATE -- BREAKING: In response to unprecedented legal action from healthcare giant McKesson, Pulaski County Circuit issued a temporary restraining order Friday preventing Arkansas from using its supply of vecuronium bromide in six upcoming executions.

Global drug-makers intervene in lawsuit to stop mass execution in Arkansas

April 13, 2017: Two major pharmaceutical companies are making a last minute legal intervention to stop the state of Arkansas from executing eight prisoners between 17th and 27th April.

US court grants hearing to Brit held for 30 years

April 4, 2017: A British man who was wrongly sentenced to death in 1987 will be allowed a fresh hearing, based on evidence of his innocence, a US appeals court has ruled.

Judges refuse media access to Gitmo force-feeding tapes

March 31, 2017: Today in a unanimous decision, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that videotapes of Guantanamo Bay...

Take me off Trump’s Kill List, journalists urge US courts 

March 31, 2017: Two journalists – one a US citizen, the other for the international news network Al Jazeera – who report on conflicts in the Middle East and South Asia, have asked a US court to order their removal from an American ‘Kill List’.

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